Eden Optometrists Knysna: Optometrists offering Exclusive, Personalised Eye Care of the highest quality to clients from Knysna, Plettenburg Bay, Sedgefield and surrounds. We build relationships with our clients, over decades of caring for you eyes. Credit Marina Vitale via Unsplash.


Eden Optometrists Knysna: Optometrists providing exclusive, personalised eye care for clients from Knysna, Sedgefield, Plettenberg Bay and surrounds since 1986. Previously MUIR OPTOMETRISTS till June 2023.

Being a private practice, we can distinguish ourselves by taking the time to build relationships with our patients and offering old-school after-care and quality service while being a modern family practice. We work with most medical aids and have great deals for pensioners and cash clients too. For your convenience, we are also open Saturday mornings and situated centrally in the Knysna Mall.

Andy Muir, with the subsequent addition of Johan van der Meer, have built up a team of optometrists and support staff committed to providing you with the very best eye care in the Garden Route. We stand ready to offer you Eye Testing, Eye Treatment & Care and Fashion Frames, Prescription Glasses & Contact Lenses.

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We look forward to "seeing it your way"!






Have your eyes tested at Eden Optometrists Knysna for professional eye examinations and vision testing with the latest equipment. We offer vision correction, early detection of medical eye problems and expert advice on eye care and preservation of your vision.

We do driver, pilot & skipper license screening and child vision assessments & exercises.


During eye examination we may detect eye or vision abnormalities. We'll advise the way forward, including vision correction, non prescription eye drops, eye exercises or a specialist referral. We offer post-op care for glare sensitivity, vision top-ups & monitoring.

We also offer specialised contact lens fitting & options for more complicated cases.


We pride ourselves in a comprehensive range of leading brand fashion eye wear & prescription glasses, standard and specialised prescription contact lenses and eye care products. Professional spectacle frame fitment & frame repair services set us apart.

We also offer optical aids & specialised contact lenses for distance/near, tinted & clear.

Eye Test Frequency:

Every 2 years if between 17 and 70 years of age with none of the conditions mentioned below:

Every year if you are diabetic, have family history of glaucoma, wear contact lenses, are younger than 17 or older than 70.

"For more than a decade now I have entrusted my eye testing in Knysna to Eden Optometrists. My teen daughter and I especially appreciate feeling part of this friendly community built on a humble relationship with patients. Their very high quality personalised service is why we will remain loyal!" - Ronel Pieterse